School Breakfast / Lunch

For the school term through December 31, 2020, all students are eligible for FREE breakfast and lunch from Stoughton Public Schools.

Students getting breakfast will report to the lunch line and bring their breakfast to their classroom. Please inform your child’s teacher by email if your child will be getting breakfast each day.

Students will make their lunch choice upon arrival. Please review the weekly menu choices and prepare your child for their order before school EACH day.

Students may choose to bring lunch from home. Please practice opening containers/wrappers with your child.

Please make sure your child has a drink for both snack and lunch.  Reusable water bottles can be refilled at school with the new bubbler systems.


In order to make the process of purchasing lunches quicker and easier for students, parents and guardians are encouraged to pre-purchase lunches on a weekly or monthly basis. Students may purchase lunch, which includes milk, or milk separately. Lunch may be purchased on a daily basis. Milk for morning snacks may be purchased on a monthly basis. Lunch money for those paying on a weekly or monthly basis should be sent to school in an envelope addressed to the cafeteria with your child’s first and last name as well as room number. Payment must be made by cash, bank check or money order payable to the Stoughton Public Schools. Online payment is also available at A monthly school lunch menu will be posted here on the website prior to the beginning of each month. Breakfast is available daily at 8:25 upon entering the building.  Students eating breakfast will be directed to the cafeteria as they arrive to pick-up a Grab and Go item to bring back to their classroom to consume.  Breakfast costs $1.25 per meal and lunch costs $2.75 per meal.  Applications for Free and Reduced Lunch will be available online.

This year, all breakfasts and lunches will be grab and go style.  Food and beverages will be pre-packaged.  For those students wanting breakfast, breakfast will be available to pick up upon arrival.  Staff members will be positioned at the appropriate school entrances in order to direct students and to verbally enforce social distancing.

Lunches will also be Grab and Go and will be brought to the classrooms by the cafeteria staff.  Students will eat their lunches in their classrooms.  Prior to eating, all students will wash their hands and sanitize their desk area.